last post on this blog

  1. the music is over
  2. the expressive becomes oppressive
  3. when only the expressive is archived, history becomes oppressive
  4. apology is privilege of power over time
  5. even the expression of freedom from systems becomes tyrannical if it does not translate into service to those we wish to liberate
  6. language can be so privileged, oppressive
  7. who are we to think to free anyone but ourselves?
  8. who are we to think our ability is necessary for others to feel enabled?
  9. use past, present, future tenses of verbs to reiterate our omnipotence
  10. expression is often privileged; canned; each sold separately; collect them all
  11. take only what you think you need
  12. elitism does not hide; we are blind
  13. we oppress ourselves by indulging ourselves with only what is beautiful
  14. satisfaction is not liberation
  15. be disturbed, be confused, be angry
  16. positivity is not hope
  17. expression is not an end
  18. utterance does not automatically entail movement
  19. there are no layers; everything melds into a blur
  20. movement is necessary
  21. everything is noise


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