stuck in a 6 by 10

it’s sad because its raining
and i can’t watch those tv shows with you;
nor you, a movie with me.
just spending my night 
on the line
wishing i was there
with you

it’s nights like these that make me feel
i really miss you a lot
even though you’re just there 
and i was just with you yesterday.

it was just a while ago when we were
dreaming about a house,
no, a home:
one with you and me,
and just us.
and it came to my mind that
i have to put those
dreams aside
for a while
and think about
today instead.

and it always goes back to the
usual things
like how we’d like to turn out
in the long run,
vague but you get it as well as i mean it.
i miss you.
a whole hell lot.

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