and for as long as this lasts

and i’d get lost in your eyes
and your smiles
and over

it feels like
you held my hand
on that may afternoon
when i first reached out for yours

when we sat in the nothingness
of an empty building
and the everything
of what we’re feeling
and your head on my shoulder

and now
we’re sitting here
amidst these faces
that cancel out
because all i see is yours

look for you
lose you in the commotion
find you on the other side
and i rush to
meet your eyes and hold you

and i’ll hold your hand
for the longest time
sweet escapes
warm reminders
of reality

i’m thinking of
the songs you like
to sing
and how i don’t
hit their notes

i’m just an
awkward little kid
waving my hands at your mum
who might just be thinking something else
i’ll wait for you anyway

they’ll come true
one day

the days
i could be
with you
i know
i’m home

beside you
is all i’d rather be
back and forth
just sit beside me
please stay

forever’s a long shot
from here
but i’ll
be beside you
till the end

don’t let go
i won’t
i can’t promise
but i will
for you

all we have
but just hold on
we can make it to tomorrow
we will

and i get lost
in your eyes
and your smiles
all the time

i love you

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