How long can you wait?
I’m not asking you to.
I’m just saying I will.

But what do I know about forever?
I’ve only known this much.
I’ve just seen a figment of it
in our little moments.

Long nights. I’m wide awake.
While I’m away
I’ll still be here, all the same.

Remember that?
When I held your hand for a first time.
And every time, a first.

A sunset we can call ours.
A city we can conquer.
A step to take us closer.
A stranger to call mine.

How many more days?
How many more nights
till I find you?

Flash forward
Seven years
Thinking there would still be an us
There would still be a hand
There would still be a ring
There would still be something we call love

And maybe we’ll eventually burn out
Maybe we’ll eventually drift apart
Maybe we’ll inevitably dissolve into the doubts and the hardships

One day let’s do it all over again:
Fall in love like we did at the start.
Back to zero
Taking it from the top
And knowing you again for the first time
Holding your hand for the first time
This time, to our infinity

One day, I’ll take your hand
and bring you anywhere — everywhere.

One day, there’s just us.

One day.


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