Christmas Review: Fruitcake by The Eraserheads

For an album as old as me (and for a review 15 years late), this music still appeals to me, as someone who hasn’t really experienced the Eraserheads.

Fruitcake, being the band’s only concept album, I think, is also one of their most musically and thematically diverse albums. Listening to it also reminds me of other concept albums (Especially those of the Beatles, where some of the voice effects, musical techniques and style in this album were somehow reminiscent of). Still, the E-heads make the music theirs and still you see their creative genius moving in and through the album.

The art in the album packaging is nice and simple, (not too much elements present) which I find somewhat eye-catching and also intriguing, since it also does not seem to show a hint of what the album is mainly about. The handwriting style text used in the inlays and also the humor they managed to insert in their credits and Thank You‘s reflects the simple fun loving spirit of the band.

If you’re after the story, I think you would not really get it with the album alone. A storybook, of the same name, was also written by the band to present the story in full. The book also has similar (or the same) illustrations as the album inlays and also contains the lyrics of the album’s tracks (since it was really intended to soundtrack the book/story). Man, I can just imagine this as a live musical. Apparently, I haven’t really read the book (Just short skims and selective reading at the bookstore so far), but I would surely buy it if given the cash chance.

Personally, I think Fruitcake is one of the best original Filipino Christmas albums made (Warning: Biased Opinion). Well, the only other one I’ve faithfully listened to every Christmas is Christmas in Our Hearts by Jose Mari Chan. My mom always starts playing it when September or October comes. Nevertheless, the playful and experimental willingness of the band is something that makes them stand out, and that is really evident in this album.

My Top Tracks for this album:

  • Lightyears
  • Trip to Jerusalem
  • Shadow
  • Fruitcake
  • Christmas Party
  • All of Buddy’s piano solos

A little lovin’ and some fruit to bake
Life is a piece of cake

Merry Christmas to Everyone!

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