First Class

Note: The following post, written entirely by me, was originally published on June 5, 2011, in the short-lived, now defunct Amalgam Nation blog. 

Just got back from the movies with my dad (who was sleeping…and quietly snoring in his seat). Got to watch X-Men: First Class this time. It was okay.

I wasn’t really hyped about this movie (kinda excited, but not so much), but I still wanted to see it anyway.

Despite the fact that the movies are non-canon to the comics, I liked the way Fox and Marvel still got to make it exciting (even though the first release of the poster was really…eck). The first parts of the movie were really the best since you really see the transformations being brought to life by the characters. I also like how they put like some kind of humor through many simple ways. (I also like the fact that Hugh Jackman makes a cameo and just says “F*ck off”, epic.) The plot also explains a lot of things that went on for the past X-Men movies (except X-Men Origins: Wolverine).

What I didn’t like about the movie is that the first mutant that dies is the Black one. (Man, always happens…except in Precious, Precious didn’t die. tsk.) Nah, I keed. Even though the movie is non-canon to the comics, it is still kind of confusing for people who also are attached to the comic series (like me). For example, Havok (Alex Summers) is Cyclops’ (Scott Summers) younger brother, and the younger brother is in the team while Scott (one of the oldest X-Men) isn’t. But that’s just me, and I’m weird. Another thing I didn’t like was the rawness of the footage. Some scenes just look like they’re shot with an iPhone or just really not filtered right for movie quality. Also, the computer-animated scenes look very raw and rushed (like the scene when Erik pulls out the submarine from the water…and when the ships crash to the shore), it seemed like it lacked depth and detail…Especially for a highly anticipated flick.

I wouldn’t really recommend this (but I have mixed feelings about it), but if you really want to watch, go ahead. Thor made me kinda more excited for this, but it sucked that it wasn’t under Marvel Studios. If ever, I recommend you to watch another movie instead of this. I mean, Captain America: The First Avenger is only a few weeks ahead…I’d rather wait for that, looks more…Effort-laden.

Overall, the movie was somewhere in the middle and isn’t really the hype for me. But many people still find it appealing, guess everyone has their own opinions.

Geek Appetite: MEH


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