Three Stars and the Son

Note: The following post is mostly (or completely) based on opinion. A mere blog of expression and freedom to opinion. Comments and critiques are very much welcome and encouraged.

Being Elmo Magalona’s first single, 3 Stars and the Son was actually good. Though somewhat reminiscent of some R&B and Hip-Hop tracks, the song also has points of standing up on its own. The song also featured Pinoy R&B stars Kris Lawrence, Jay-R, and Billy Crawford, which also made it different from recent songs of this kind. It is very  surely noticeable that the support and hype for this single is full-on and is very much shared by the many who follow the Magalonas.

For me, being an avid FrancisM listener, it is inevitable to compare Elmo to his father. I’m used to just hearing Elmo covering songs, many times from his father. But I realized that it’s just unfair to do that. What we have here, apparently, is one kid who also wants to form his own style and forge his own road, branching from where his father left off.

I’m no pro, but I guess we’re all entitled our right to share some points of improvement. First, what I noticed was the song somehow didn’t have that point of ‘climax’. After the rap or verse where the beat is adding elements and building up, it goes back to the basic beat of the chorus, same as the first time it was sung. And second, though belonging in almost the same kind of music and genre, Kris, Jay-R, and Billy still have their own sound and character, even just by listening to them. However, from my point, I didn’t and couldn’t really distinguish them particularly, even when they had their individual parts.

Nevertheless, 3 Stars and the Son is a great first track from Elmo Magalona, and here’s wishing for more greats from this growing star.

The track 3 Stars and the Son is available for FREE download at

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