7 Billion People: No Big Deal

A few days ago, the 7 billionth child was born somewhere on earth.

What does it mean for humanity?

Well, nothing much, except maybe for the fact that we’re increasing in population a lot faster than we were about 200 years ago.

Better medicine and great advances in science brings us more lives, and lesser deaths.

While more people still fashionably culture their obese fast-food grown bodies, and yet still hundreds die of hunger by the minute, the earth still never ceases to move.

Time flies.

Life goes on.

And while we worry on how to feed our families and search for answers on how to sustain a 7-billion (and growing) worldwide population, progress, time, and life won’t wait for us.

They would probably be running faster than you think.

Faster than they ever did.

For all we know, we might even be moments closer to the end of us.

So what does it mean for us?

Well, nothing much.

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