“Aal Izz Well.” -A 3 Idiots Review

True enough, if you don’t love what you’re doing, why do it at all?

Here’s a tip from our friend Rancho…or whatever his name is.

“Make your passion you profession.”

3 Idiots is a Comedy/Drama/Musical movie from India. I don’t usually watch foreign language movies (another one I remember watching was a Thai movie called A Little Thing Called Love, which was great), but I have to say, this movie was superb. I was actually just expecting a corny comedy incorporating the overused art of slapstick, but this movie just surprised me in many different aspects.

The movie was actually kind of heavy in terms of insight, but was very much digestible and comprehensible. The dialogue and story line was very well thought of, and even though the story ran for almost 3 hours, I didn’t find the scenes “boring” or repetitive.

In terms of cinematography, I could say that the movie leans toward positivity. It was unique in its own sense through varied approaches, angles, and film techniques (e.g. scenes in Raju’s house).

The musical scenes were…expected…sort of. It’s an Indian movie. I’m not discriminating or stereotyping, but aren’t Indian movies like supposed to have mandatory song and dance numbers? I guess I’ve seen too little (Slumdog Millionaire, anyone?). Anyway, it wouldn’t really matter because they were very enjoyable, very creatively thought of and perfectly executed.

One thing I really liked about the movie is that the lessons and insights were not far from the ground and were very relatable*. The flashback-present form of the movie showed very well interconnection of the whole story and picks it up well. The comedy was also very natural and didn’t really need much knowledge on terms, and the like, so it was also very easily handled. In fact, it was still effective through English subtitles.

Overall, the story was very heartwarming and also eye-opening on the education system, not only in India but everywhere as well.The themes could immediately be absorbed by almost anyone of almost any age. The acting was greatly executed and would easily get a six out of five. And who would’ve thought Rancho actor Aamir Khan was like 40+ years old? Man, these actors act college grads very well and realistic to the age!

And the movie? One of the finest foreign movies out there, definitely recommended to everyone. You must watch this movie.

Pursue excellence, and success will follow, pants down.

*An Interesting post about The Origins of ‘Relatable’

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