We Are Ruined

We’re fighting and screaming and shouting out loud
Cause all I see is WAR, that’s what this is all about

Cause we’re screaming to the worn out top of our lungs
But we won’t understand cause we speak in different tongues

How can we solve the problem if we can’t work it out?
How can we solve the problem if we won’t talk it out?

Guns and violence with words and hate
Who do you think you are? Dare you discriminate.

‘Cause this is not Sparta like Leonidas said
We don’t kick people in holes or just cut off their heads

But listen, there’s only two sides of the coin
It’s either you stop this madness or just keep going on

Did you know? Not yet? Well, that’s what I’m here to tell
You better fix it now before it leads to hell

Do two solve a problem if they keep hitting each other back?
Do two get the peace till they resolve to cut the crap?

So think about it, ladies and gentlemen of the jury
We won’t resolve anything by just releasing fury

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