“Light Bulb!” –A Despicable Me Review.

Considered to be one of the greatest heists of all time, Gru is now challenged by the appearance of a younger and considerably swift new super villain named Vector, who recently stole the Great Pyramid of Giza.  Gru now devises one of the greatest (or most likely THE greatest) heists in history, stealing the moon. And so begins the story of Despicable Me, the brand new computer animated 3D film from Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment. It is the first CGI (computer-generated imagery) film from Universal Pictures.

In order to complete his wicked plans, Gru first has to get past the walls of Vector’s high-tech headquarters. In order to do this, he adopts three little girls from an orphanage and lets them sell cookies (robot cookies that is) to Vector. Little did he know that these girls would turn him into what he least expected, a dad.  Gru, the “greatest” heist of all time, is now not only faced with the greatest villain in his life but is also met with a challenge to opening his doors to three children who have longed for parents all their lives and becoming the greatest father they could ever have.

Featuring talented voices like Steve Carell (Over the Hedge, Horton Hears a Who), Julie Andrews (Mary Poppins, The Sound of Music) and Miranda Cosgrove (School of Rock, iCarly), Despicable Me is a great family movie that will surely bring smiles and laughs even to the moviegoer lolos and lolas. According to some critics it borrows heavily from Looney Tunes and Pixar, yet contains some surprises of its own. The creatively choreographed sequences add to the life and humor of the movie. Same goes with the catchy tunes played throughout the film. In addition, who could forget the yellow pills in goggles and jumpsuits? These minions’ shape, size, playful activities, and slurred speech added a lot of hype and humor to the movie. The character design was also very effective in retaining the characters in our mind (especially those of Gru and Agnes). There were also many parts where you could not just help to stare at the cuteness of characters like Agnes and Gru’s yellow minions. The “3D factor” of the film was great compared to the other 3D films produced in the past. The first-person views and close-up action shots added to this factor as well.

Overall, Despicable Me is a must-watch film for families and friends altogether and will definitely not disappoint you. There are many simple but striking gems throughout the movie and anyone could relate in one way or another to the characters in the movie. Universal’s first try at CGI has surely captured us and will surely have us waiting for more.

**Mervine Aquino

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